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Last update 26 November 2018

Spring Fest –Easter Monday

On Easter Monday, the Pro-Loco association ( Tourist Board ) of Vinchio offers a snack with typical local products accompanied by the incomparable Barbera d’Asti of our hills.

The event takes place in the splendid setting of the 'Val Sarmassa' Nature Reserve, at the Casotto di Ulisse, where a cozy area equipped with an impressive panorama sweeps over the valleys and surrounding hills.

The afternoon is cheered up by the notes of the local band 'Banda Bagnet'.

1st Saturday of May - Reenactment of the victory of Aleramo on the Saracens.

1st Saturday of may, the town is mobilized to commemorate the victory over the Saracen predators, which took place on the hills of Vinchio in 935 by Aleramo.

The historic center is lit with torches and over two hundred figurants reproduce some episodes of medieval life and the salient phases of the battle between the Aleramici and the Berber invaders, which led to their final expulsion.

For one night taverns and friars, armigers and archers, horses and riders, jugglers and flag-bearers fill up the streets of Vinchio until dawn, in a surreal atmosphere.

In the shops and taverns set in medieval times you can experience the taste of typical local dishes such asrisotto with asparagus, tripe, chickpeas with ribs, bruschetta, cold cuts in bread, asparagus omelettes, salty crumbs, Saracen cake and sweet “friceu”, accompanied by fine wines of the Vinchio hills.

First Sunday of May – The Saracen Asparagus Festival

A classic wellknown event in Vinchio, the Saracen Asparagus Festival.

The Vinchio Saracen asparagus, has a dark green color, it is fleshy, very pleasant even without any accompaniment in the dish, outside of an excellent amount of extra virgin olive oil. It is characterized by specific chemical-physical, organoleptic and aesthetic requirements deriving from the cultivated variety, the particular pedoclimatic environment in which it is obtained and the cultivation technique used.

During the entire festival you can enjoy the atmosphere of our restaurants and agriturismo, serving traditional dishes based of Saracen Asparagus, you can taste and buy asparagus on the main market square, Piazza San Marco, enjoy wines and other typical products.

At 1 pm lunch served and prepared by the chefs of the Pro-Loco; delicious asparagus and other typical dishes.

Last Saturday of May – The ValSarmassa Nature Reserve Day - 'Ulysses on the Hills'

This is one of the most important cultural event within an area that contains a rich environmental and natural heritage. Walks through the most interesting paths of the Reserve such as La Rù, Casotto di Ulisse and Bricco dei Tre Vescovi, exhibitions of sculptures and other artistic objects, readings of literary pieces and theatrical performances.

The meeting is scheduled in the early afternoon at the Vinchio-Vaglio Serra winery; a shuttle bus service to the Nature Reserve operates. Dinner and dancing evening events usually are scheduled at the winery on the way back.

Last weekend of May – Wine Festival

This important Wine Festival take place every year at the Vinchio Vaglio Serra winery, the point of reference of the wine production in the area.

In conbination with the Valsarmassa Nature Reserve day and its multiples walks and the national day of “Open Cellars” aka “Cantine Aperte”, you got the chance to visit the winery, experience the winemaking and ageing procedures and taste the entire range of their wines produced since 1959, wellknown and exported to over 20 countries in the world.

Lunch and/or dinner are always organized by the winery, a great chance to experience local wine and food pairings.

First Saturday of July - Walk '”With the moon in the Saracen woods”.

Night walk along the paths of Serralunga and Valletto della Morte, where the Marquis of Aleramo defeated the Saracens in 935.

Observation of the fossil-bearing outcrops of the Crosio Valley by the Asti Parks Authority.

Throughout the event poetry, music and wine tasting at Casotto di Ulisse located in Montedelmare.

Ferragosto – August 15th – Celebration and Festival in Noche di Vinchio

Traditional patronal celebrations organized by the “Per Noche” festivities committee, with gastronomic appointments, dancing evenings and bocce ball competitions.

The Second to last Saturday of August – Walk al Bricco dei Cinquant’anni

A walk following the three literary itineraries dedicated to Davide Lajolo 'I Bricchi del Barbera'.

During the journey through the countryside you can enjoy a magnificent panorama that sweeps up to the Alps, read literary songs, recitals and theatrical moments and you can taste the fine wines and gastronomic specialties offered by producers and restaurateurs.

The Second to last Sunday of August – Vinchio Festival

On the occasion of the patronal festivities, the town of Vinchio offers a full calendar of events that includes food and wine evenings, music events, theatrical performances and traditional games for children.